Thursday, November 29, 2007

Viva BHJS! Viva Forty Years!

Thanks to Fred Cheng for taking this photo of joyful Jubileans to commemorate our Grand Reunion at the new school hall in August. The posting of it also marks the 5,000th visit to our blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

BHJS History Quiz

In the coach of our Macau tour on 17 August during the Grand Reunion, we were quizzed about the following ten items of the BHJS history. Do you know the answers? If you want to have a go at them, please reply as a comment to this post.

1. What is the name of the school that we held classes until the school was built in Oxford Road?
2. What year did we have the first class of Form 5 graduates?
3. In 1962, how many Form 1 and CM1 classes did we have?
4. Who was the vice principal in 1967?
5. How much was the monthly tuition fee in 1967?
6. In 1962, who taught Biblical Knowledge?
7. Who designed the girl’s uniform?
8. What nationality was our founding principal?
9. What are the colors of the 4 Houses on Sports Day?
10. What was the significant event during our school cert exams in May 1967?
The photo is by courtesy of Mok Kok Yum

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Mini-Reunions

Since our Grand Reunion in August, we have had a number of mini-reunions. Chui Tak Shing and Lau Yuk Hing went to New York to meet up with May Ho and our Big Apple Trio on their return from the Grand Reunion in Hong Kong and had a great party there. Cheung Kwok Ying came to Hong Kong in September and we had a nice gathering at the 湘川滬酒樓 in Mong Kok with Tina Yeung '68, Au Yan '68 and Wong Sai Lun '69 joining us (see photo above). Kwong Hoi Chau met up with some of our Toronto mates in October during his visit there to attend his nephew's wedding. Pow Wai Man and and wife Poi were in Hong Kong in early November after their trip to Thailand (see photo at right). Stephen and Fidelia Lau were back to Hong Kong in mid-November after their visits to Cambodia and Japan. It is nice to have so many happy mini-reunions!

The photos are by courtesy of S L Wong and Cheng Yat Hei.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our Reunion Band

We had a wonderful Band at our Reunion Dinner at the new BHJS School Hall on 18 August led by our alumnus David Chung Ping Kuen. The band members took their performance at our reunion celebration very seriously and had put in a tremendously amount of rehearsing time of the songs of our high school days, some being requested by our classmates. Their presence and their music made our grand reunion so much more lively, colourful, sweet and memorable. Our heartfelt thanks to the Band members:
Solo guitarist - Simon Lau
Rythem guitarist - Edmund Lau
Bass guitarist - Lester Leung
Organist - Paul Tang
Drummer - David Chung

The songs they played according to order in that evening were:-

Apache, Central Park, The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt, Walk Don't Run, Mid-night, The Wedding, Yellow Bird, Maria My Own, Magic is the Moonlight, 舊 歡 如 夢, Born to be Wild, To Love Somebody, I Started a Joke, Diana and Sunshine of Your Love.
The photos are by courtesy of Fred Cheng