Monday, January 04, 2016

Welcoming North and South Visitors

On 9 December 2015, Edwin Lau hosted a sumptuous lunch in his restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui East to welcome May Ho and her brothers from Toronto, Hally Wong from Sydney and Sammy Leung from Chicago.  We had a wonderful time together with endless sophisticated dim sums and sweet reminiscences of our old days in BHJS.  Naturally the topic of our 50th Anniversary celebration came up.  The initial consensus seems to be an ocean cruise embarking from Hong Kong's new Kai Tak Terminal.  More views are welcome!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season's Greeting 2015

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

From Calgary to Maine

We went to Maine just because some wanderlust was itchy for having another trip. I just tacked along. Albeit late for the magnificent fall color, Fred and Esther Yu were hoping to take some great pictures of the majestic vast ocean and hopefully some unique birds; and stuff themselves with lobsters.
To make our trip more worthwhile, Fred and I decided to visit our family and friends on route from Calgary to Maine. We were in Toronto, our first destination on Oct 19, 2015. We were touched by the hospitable reception of all our family and friends in Toronto, who spent time with us and took us to taste all sorts of good food.
Our highlight was at dinner with our BHJS alumni and our beloved Wong Sir. There were ten of us:  Wong Sir, Sandy Lee李麗珠, Stephen and Fidelia Lau, Irene Tsai, May Ho and her brother Frederick, Fred and Pauline Cheng, and Martin Kwong who happened to be in Toronto to visit his mom and family. What a nice coincidence!  We had a lot of fun visiting with each other. Seriously, how could we have the chance for boredom when we had Irene gracing her appearance among us?

An hour of flight on Oct 23rd took us to LaGuardia Airport where we were greeted by Mui Por and her husband Steve. We would meet Betty Gong at a Chinese restaurant, for our first sumptuous dinner in NY. Betty was about to leave for a trip to China, but she graciously accompanied us three times while she was supposed to spend time packing her luggage.
Mui Por and Steve are super hosts. During our stay in New York, they spared their precious time to eat out with us and take us for sightseeing. Esther followed our footsteps to New York, just in time for dinner with Mui Por, Steve and Yee-Chun Chan 陳儀珍, Nancy’s little sister. We missed seeing Tung Goo’s forever-young and pretty face as she was touring in South Asia at the time.

The three of us began our trip by car to Boston on Oct 29, where we would stay for three days. We had another warm welcome from Tony Pow, my F5 classmate. He drove us around Boston and took us to the Lynn Shore where the two photographers shot a lot of pictures, and we had a seafood lunch together. Tony even took us to Costco, at the request of Esther to get some essential stuff. We bid “adieu” to him after dinner. Before we parted, Tony recommended some points of interest where we could tour the following day. Boston Garden is outrageously gorgeous.

The last leg of our trip was Maine. As Maine was about to be closed for the season, the place seemed to be deserted but quite tranquil. The upside was we did not have to press our way through the crowd. We could just stroll along the seaside and practically everywhere at leisure. Fred and Esther were delighted for being able to take some photos of the beautiful sunset, thrice. The fresh lobsters from the sea were unbelievably tasty. We were grateful for Esther who volunteered to be the chef for us.
The three of us drove back to New York on Nov 8, where we would take the flights home the next day. We met up with Mui Por and Steve once more for completing our food mission. Tung Goo who just returned from her long trip was too tired to eat with us, but she had already arranged with Mui Por to treat us on her behalf. We were surely touched by her nice gesture and so was the heartfelt hospitality from all our family and friends. We could not ask for a trip more eventful and memorable than this.

Pauline Cheng

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Revd Joyce Mary Bennett (1923-2015)


Our beloved Chaplain and RK teacher the Reverend Joyce Bennett passed away at the age of 92 on 11 July in England.  She had helped and inspired many students in BHJS and St. Catherine's School for Girls (as its founding principal).  As a missionary, an educator and a legislator,  she had made significant contributions to the caring for the people of Hong Kong.  May she now rest in peace with the Lord.

In remembrance of Miss Bennett, you may wish to read this article written by Prof Angela Wong in the 16/8/2015 issue of the Echo.

Photo from Church Mission Society News

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Utah Trip 2015

Here we went again. This trip to Utah and a small part of Arizona was a sequel to the numerous trips we went on together as a group since we made our first one to Yellowstone Park and the Canadian Rockies in 2008, one year after we were reconnected at the 40th year class reunion. This trip to Utah, the American capital of national parks, was on our bucket list for a while.

We tried all sorts of transportation as a group, but this time we tried something different. We hired a bus and a driver, after Fred did the entire trip planning online. This arrangement enabled us to explore the nature at our own pace, not to mention that we could cut down some expense too. We welcome Steve, Celina, Teresa and Calvin who joined us for the first time. Their participation not only made our group bigger (twenty-two in all), but also merrier.

We are grateful to Weena and Alan who did all the background work in LA. They searched for a suitable agent; travelled back and forth to make arrangements with the agent, as well with the restaurant, especially to get a private room for our mini BHJS reunion dinner. We enjoyed eating all the good food as well as visiting with about thirty friends, including some local alumni and Irene Tsai who flew all the way from Toronto, just to be with us. However, it would even be better if she could travel with us.

While enjoying eating all the good food in LA, I wonder if all already realized that it was a prelude to eating the canned-meat sandwiches during the following two weeks.

We began our journey on April 19, the destinations of which included Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Capital Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde, Monument National Park, Antelope Canyons and Lake Powel.
After a long journey on the bus, we arrived at Zion National Park in the mid-afternoon. I was sold the moment I saw the massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink and red that soared into a brilliant blue sky. This was only the beginning of our adventure into fantasy land.  As we continued on our journey, we were enchanted as much, if not more, by the unique beauty of each other place. Even a non-avid nature lover could be spellbound by the mastermind behind all the mesmerizing wonders we saw.

We were in good hand during the entire trip. We rarely had time for boredom. While the bus was heading from one view point to the other, we were never short of jokes to amuse one another. May Ho took the leadership role to keep our mind active by playing all sorts of games; while we dozed off, Fred stayed awake to be the GPS for Wing the driver; and likewise Martin and Jackie would be busy keeping track of our public fund.

Almost the last but not the least important highlight was Antelope Canyon (upper and Lower) which are located near Page, Arizona on Navajo Nation land. It is one of the most famous slot Canyons in the world. Because of its extreme beauty, with just the right combination of depth, width, length, rock color and ambient light, it provides an ideal natural environment for photographing.
Before we said good-bye to each other in Las Vegas, we were rewarded with a festive buffet dinner on April 30th. Angie and her hubby Norman flew all the way from Portland to dine with us.  Their presence surely gave a nice finishing touch to wrap up our trip.

Great fun! Awesome companionship! This is how I would describe the experience of our trip. That is also what binds us together.  “歲月更新人不老,江山依舊景常春。” What a thoughtful and encouraging phrase picked by Man Kit to bestow on all the ladies in the group! In fact, we who are mostly in golden age should all deserve applause to ourselves for being able to survive in the wildness, for eating sandwiches daily, and for walking 8-10 miles most days. Buddies, we can keep doing this. Let’s stay in good shape so that we can be ready for another adventure in no time.

Pauline Cheng
Photos by Fred Cheng and Ha Man Kit

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It wasn't just another frigging cold Monday morning in Toronto . . .

The air was cold and slightly on the damp side. Believe me, that damn arctic air is enough to chill your lungs. But, it wasn’t just another frigging cold Monday morning in Toronto. We were all arriving in a timely manner from different parts of the city and even out-of-town to make good use of the lovely Calgarian couple ‘s short layover in Toronto. Everybody somehow had a story to tell over the colourful, delicate Dim Sum dishes. One of the stories dated way back in our Form 1C classroom, around mid-Sep, 1962. We were only 11, 12 or 13 years old then!!! It was amazing and hilarious how everyone’s so blessed with both listening and speaking skills when it comes to reminiscing our fondest BHJS moments. We did not eat like hungry dogs or starving wolves. You know, 50+ years later, none of us really need to eat like a horse, the way we all had back in the ‘60s while growing up. The heartwarming "stories" we often share unprotectedly with each other become food for the soul. The lovely Calgarian couple (Fred and Pauline) certainly brought a sweet twist to the TO bunch. What a nice way to kickstart the 1st day of our week.

Irene Tsai from Toronto

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Toronto Get Together

Thanks to Irene Tsai for organizing this lunch gathering at Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine in Markham on 9 May 2014 during Au Bik, Alan and my visit to Toronto.  It is always great fun to meet and chat with Mr H S Wong and our TO classmates.  Their warm hospitality is very much appreciated.