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Welcome to the Bishop Hall Jubilee School (BHJS) class of 1962 to 1967 team blog. In 2007, we will be celebrating our 40th graduation anniversary. It is not the graduation that counts, but the reconnection of us all, with some not having seen each other for four decades. From the teenage dreams germinated at BHJS we have pursued our own legends in family, career and commitments. The 40th anniversary is an opportune time for us to come together from different parts of the world to reminisce our good old days, share our life experiences, and rekindle our longstanding friendship for years to come.

Initial plans for the August 2007 reunion are for a Yangtze river cruise, a Hong Kong program, and a land trip, most likely to Vietnam. More details to come.

This team blog welcomes posts and comments of greetings, gatherings, thoughts and articles from teachers and classmates; and comments from all BHJS friends. The administrators reserve the editorial rights.


Blogger Mok said...

My experience:

a. Following the instructions, I've created a new blog in the name of After I've clicked on the "Publish Post" button, I've seen content of my own post published, but nothing there has any connection with the blog.

b. Then I went back to Kwong Hoi Chau's email and copied and pasted the link, thinking of trying again, this time not creating a new blog, but voila! what I got was "Blog Invitation Error." I couldn't go back to that page again.

c. So now I'm leaving my comment instead.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Ho Kit May 何潔美 said...

Hi Martin:
I created my blog, now what? I am lost.


12:25 PM  
Blogger Kwong Hoi Chau Martin 鄺海疇 said...


You seem to have created your own blog using Blogger. It is not necessary to do so before you can post on the BHJS1967 blog. All you need is an account which you now also have.

It also appears that you have successfully accepted the invitation to be a contributor in our BHJS 1967 team blog. After you log in to with your username and password, you should see that you have both BHJS 1967 and Mok-mok under Blogs. To write to the BHJS1967, you need to click on the + sign that is next to BHJS 1967, rather than the + sign next to Mok-mok.


Please see my comments to your post above.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Mok said...


I still find it a bit confusing. First, I couldn't find the "+ sign next to BHJS 1967." Where is it?

Also, following instructions, I've created a new blog which you said was not necessary. Now, could you list it step by step, first explaining what is a team blog (vs a simple blog), then the procedure
to go into the blog and register,
and make sure others don't make the same mistake as I did to create another new blog. I'm sure you can make it simple. If it's complicated, old woods like us would be scared away and won't use it.



12:40 AM  
Blogger Kwong Hoi Chau Martin 鄺海疇 said...

Thanks for your feed back. When I next send out an invitation, I'll include a step-by-step intruction to make it easy for everyone.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see how this works. This is a test entry.

Sun Tsui

10:19 AM  
Blogger waiyinglieng said...

Hi Martin,
I was also confused when tried to connect to the Blog using your instruction. Is it possible for you to move the linked URL closer to your instruction and remove the bhjs / else where as it actualy took me to the Blog homepage and forced me to create an individual account ?

1:30 PM  

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