Sunday, February 25, 2007

When Old Friends Meet

Just returned from my first trip to South Island of New Zealand.

Kwong Ming happened to be in Dunedin and we spent a day together sightseeing and dining. Attached is a picture to let you see how 'young and handsome' we are.

Cheng Yat Hei

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Internet: For Better or For Worse

We are delighted to have our classmate Yau Lop Poon contributing to our blog again. His articles are most valued by our classmates and have often provided us with food for thought about where we have come from since our BHJS days and where we are going from here and now.

幸福生活vs.囚徒生活 /邱立本

不知道從什麼時候開始,手提電腦放在桌上都是二十四小時開著,連接著無線上網,全年無休。種種的資訊,就像水龍頭的自來水一樣,自由地、毫無拘束地 ,流到你的腦袋。


網上的資訊還可以互動,彼此交流、深化,而不是被動地接受。當然,在手提電腦上,還可免費打長途電話,彼此skype或 MSN,無論天涯海角,都不用花一毛錢,加上攝錄鏡頭,還可以聞其聲,也看其人。



Monday, February 19, 2007

Kung Hei Fat Choy & Our Grand Reunion

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous Year of the Pig.

Our grand reunion has taken a concrete step forward. We have now fixed our August dates as follows:

Aug 10-16 Yangzijiang cruise (six days)
Aug 17 Macau tour
Aug 18 Reunion party at BHJS
Aug 19 Hong Kong tour
Aug 20-25 Vietnam tour (five days)

For teachers and classmates from overseas who can only come back in September 2007, we will arrange separate reunion functions for them.

Please fill out the registration form to book your place for any or all of the reunion functions. To obtain more details and the registration form, please e-mail me at