Monday, February 18, 2008

CNY Luncheon in Toronto Part 2 of 2

Oink! Oink! Toronto Pig Lovers celebrating Year of the Rat
A 5-hour Pot Luck Lunch-a-thon!
(Part 2 of 2)
As you can all see here from the picture that the Toronto ‘true’ pig lovers have indeed happily enjoyed Fay Lo and Vicki’s hearty treat, except Lau Bok’s having a bit of problem here. Help! He fell deeply in love with that pig, and just couldn’t let go of the pig! Haha! With our happy, full tummies, we‘re now ready to move into Part II of our Chinese New Year Party.

One floor below us, we walked into Sun’s home entertainment centre. I tell you, nobody’s going to find a better home theatre in town. There’s a spacious wet bar on one side, the stereo sound system on the other side, the Mah Chong table is forever ready in the hidden corner room, and the home theatre is second to none with a wall size screen and a professional projector hanging down accurately from the ceiling. When it comes to home entertainment, Sun doesn’t fool around. He pays full attention to little details and goes for the best. I suspect he is an artistic and musical man we are not aware of. Fay Lo took the director’s chair with his laptop hooked up to the projector. Sun killed the lights and we all either sank into our comfy big seats or parked ourselves in the couch to let Fay Lo take us away to the most isolated parts of the world, basically to the fantasy lands where he has just returned from. First, he pleasured our tummies, then he opened up our eyes and put dreams into our dreams. His powerpoint started up with his cool island flight, showing us what it’s like in the 1st Class cabin. It’s amazing that the cabin’s so luxurious, considering it’s only a domestic flight happening in a small local airport. Now, off to the world’s most isolated island we went, to the Strange and the Unexplained…….the Easter Island. The shots’re just mind-boggling, how the hell the ancient settlers managed to move and put those big rocks and statues there? It remains a forever ongoing mystery. We’re talking about a whole island of gigantic monsters! Very cool and unique stuff!!!! The Antarctica’s just so tranquil and beautiful. Fay Lo was able to capture some National Geographic quality pictures with his camera to spoil our eyes, him being the narrator with a great sense of down to earth humour throughout his ppt. was such a bonus. He showed us the cutest penguins’ movements (from sleeping to shitting), the leopard seals and the streamline whales. It’s the purest of the purest paradise and heaven on earth, with the cleanest and calmest water one would die to see it once in their entire life time. He showed us his deep sea fishing trip in Perth and the oyster excavation off the remote islands off Perth, where he was living and eating oysters off the rocks like Robinson Crusoe, and that was just so unbelieveable. Then, he switched us over to the Cuban cigar making factories, the mansion-like hotels, where he has just spent a short time there with his Hong Kong buddies before showing himself up in Toronto. I have completely forgotten to ask him to show us his cool Russia trip he took many years ago as I was virtually swept away by the extreme beauty of the utmost innocent beauty of nature. We were able to enjoy viewing such exotic parts of the world all because of that forever adventurous, innovative, resourceful and the risk taker, Fay Lo, who just rolled the dice, packed his bag and off he went and risked it all out there, he often had to dry clean himself for a number of days, getting up in the middle of the night to catch his connections to seek his one-of-a-kind target destinations and he was always unselfish to educate us and happy to share his travel extravaganzas with us. He’s our proud ambassador to the exotic world. One perfect shot after another kept popping up on that king size screen. Man, what a way to spend quality time on a deep frozen Sunday afternoon.

Coming back up from the home theatre again, we were pleasantly surprised by Sun and Josephine’s repeated hospitality. Without a word, they had quietly put out a lovely afternoon delight for us, serving the best Columbian coffee from Harrods, the nostalgic Hong Kong style English tea, fancy chocolate mousse cake and all sorts of French pastries. So much food, fun and humour to share with and yet so much mutual respect and caring side by side after so many lost years. It’s hard to believe that we had split up open-endedly 40+ years ago, and after decades of very, very busy years in our own lives, we could miraculously get back together from far and near to take it up from where we had left off when we were still kids at Jubilee. Like in a big, happy family, with a lot of enthusiasm and good wishes, we all had so much borderless topics from our old days to joke around and talk about. It was just sheer awesome. But, we’ve got to go out to still look for that lost “Big Rock” which had rolled away from us in Toronto or Alberta, just like that. This was definitely a real CNY party you guys have sorely missed.

On a frozen day like such, the impeccable warm couple did such a perfect hosting job that I felt as if they had quietly put a warm cashmere blanket around our shoulders to keep us away from the horrible chill. Sun, do me a favor, I need you to steal the HAR DOR SEE recipe from your wife. I haven’t had it since my Jubilee days at Duck Gay Store behind Ying Wah Boys’. Haha!

Fay Lo and Sun, we honestly thank you two for being the catalysts of such a magical CNY party. We all have truly enjoyed ourselves throughout the entire afternoon. Fay Lo and Vicki, once again, we thank you for bringing us the incredibly edible pig, your love and laughters all the way from Shanghai. When are you coming back to visit us again?

Sun, since nobody’s broken a glass or plate at your house, do you think we could have a rain cheque to get back into your door the next time Fay Lo comes to town? The best part is not over yet, because when he comes in again, we will add karaoke to our next party, for sure. And, perhaps you can all guess who will be our main entertainer for that. Haha!

As usual, I never look at my Chinese gold Rolex when I am having a good time. But, when I got home, it was almost pitch-black. Ho Kit May and Fay Lo emailed us later to tell us that it’s been an awesome 5-hour long pot luck lunch!!! Now, who can beat that top of the world, winterlicious lunch-a-thon of ours?!


Irene Tsai Yan Ying, reporting from Toronto, Feb 16, 2008


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