Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pauline Wong Wai Lai visited HK Feb 08

In accompanying Fred to attend a conference in Tai Pei, I had another opportunity to revisit Hong Kong en route to go there. We were in Hong Kong on Feb 23 and left on 27th, merely 6 months after our summer reunion.

Once again, I was overwhelmed and touched by the hospitality of our BHJS classmates. Ten of us (pic. 1, with May missing) had a delicious lunch and wonderful time together on Feb 24. I appreciate that Mark Tang made it in the midst of his busy Sunday schedules. .

On Feb 26, five of us (pic. 2) went on a short excursion along the West Rail. We did not really have a purpose except to kill some time together. We chatted, joked and said silly things just like old time. We felt simple joy and rejuvenated just by doing that.

To maximise the benefit from our day passes, we made a few stops along the rail line. One of them was Nan Sun Wei where we once had a class picnic. Strolling relaxingly along the road in the middle of the field, we couldn’t help reminiscing our more youthful era and the good time we spent together. At the end of the day, our friends spoiled us even more by treating us to a delicious dinner.

Now we are looking forward to the summer mini-reunion and excursion down south to Yellowstone Park, with a group of twelve people, and then reunite with some additional BHJS alumni before wrapping up our whole trip. I cannot wait to report to you all the joy and fun we will share and the adventures we will experience when it is over.

Pauline Cheng from Calgary
March 6, 2008


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