Friday, July 18, 2008

Mui & Kwong Hit Toronto

Just a couple of random pictures of the party animals tonight in Toronto for your perusal. We had abundant sumptuous food and drinks (courtesy of Ms. Microsoft from NYC, Mui Lai Yee, a.k.a. Mui-Por) with an ongoing live band in the background. I was having so much fun yakking the whole time that I had almost lost sight of my favourite dessert which was just sitting right in front of my eyes! No, I wasn't stoned, but admittedly got a bit carried away by the fun and dynamic conversations between the happy party animals at the long table. And, upon popular demand, Cheung Kwok Ying finally went up to the podium to sing karaoke for us. What was that song called again? [Was it Anne Murray's I just fall in love again?]
Haha! Tsui Sun Man promised to be the fat lady at our next gathering. Hey, I've bookmarked it already.
Irene Tsai, Toronto 16 July 2008


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