Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day Dim Sum Lunch in Toronto

The Toronto alumni entertained Ha Man Kit and his wife, Alice on Boxing Day while they were visiting family. We had the honour presence of two teachers, Mr. Wong Hin Shing and Ms Irene Fong as well as Cheung Kwok Ying, Chui Tak Shing, Lau Yuk Hing, Stephen and Fidelia Lau, May Ho and Irene Tsai. Below is the recap written by Irene:

Dear friends from far and near,

Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la!!!!! Christmas has come and gone! I hope all of you had a very blessed and jolly Christmas! If not, what was your excuse?! Haha!

Boxing Day morning, the weather was doom and gloom with sub-zero temperature and snow falling hard again in TO, creating slippery driving conditions all over the city. Needless to say, there were multi-vehicle accidents on the highways one after another as people were rushing out in the early morning hours to take advantage of the blow-out Boxing Day sales everywhere. The Toronto Gang also got out early from different parts of the city, fighting the tricky and potentially dangerous roads, but they were not heading to any of the one day sales out there. More importantly, they have prioritized, and were all destined for Dragon Dynasty Chinese Restaurant to do Dim Sum brunch with Ha Man Kit and his wife who have just arrived town. Lucky me was pre-assigned to be their chauffeur that morning. In my zombie state after 3 hours of sleep the night before, I had pulled up in front of two wrong buildings to wait for them before I finally hit the right spot in front of the 3rd building. Fortunately, the screw up only took away 10 minutes or so. Phew!

As I pulled away from the right building with MK and his better half in my little coupe on our way to the restaurant, I started to confess to MK that I was really, really busy lately and had absolutely run out of time to send the TO Gang a kind reminder of the special luncheon get-together. In my heart, I was suddenly all worried that perhaps nobody would remember something we had brainstormed and talked about on emails over a month or weeks ago, or people simply may not want to be bothered to come out to stuff their faces with Chinese food on such a yucky winter day. Man, into the restaurant, what a nice big surprise to see the warmest smilie faces, graciously awaiting at the spacious table reserved by Lau Bok via his backdoor connection. President Ho Kit May arrived late, but she drove all the way from Whitby on such treacherous road conditions, two thumbs up for her. Even our darling Ms. Fong and lovely Wong Sir have seriously bookmarked this occasion and taken the extra bumpy miles just to share the intense fun hours with us. Honestly, they have impressed the hell out of me. Folks, what can I say?! I have taken a group picture just to show you how we spent our Boxing Day together to keep ourselves warm and connected in the big alumni family.

Happy New Year to all!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Greetings from Melbourne

Irene Li sent her greetings from Australia
Wishing you all the possible and impossible blessings from our Lord in the coming year.
She also attached the above photo taken at the dinner last week she had with Fiona & Walter and Mr. & Mrs. K.W.Wong. Mr. Wong is our beloved geography teacher.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowy Christmas in TO

Hello! Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen!

For those who live in Toronto, or anywhere throughout Canada, Santa has already endorsed a very pretty white Christmas for us! Here's an all time Christmas favorite, wishing everyone, far and near, a very merry Christmas, a warm and joyous Holiday Season, plus a healthy, prosperous 2009!!!! Year of the Ox? Hey, all those lucky oxen among us, eh! Ha ha!

Cheers,Irene :-)

When I asked Irene Tsai to snap one or two pictures of the snow-clad TO to accompany her message above, she took the assignment very seriously and sent me the following:

I walked on the heavy padded snow-covered sidewalks and streets of downtown tonight with my camera. Mind you, it wasn't an easy job at all as the dense falling snow just wouldn't leave my camera alone.

This picture is a quick shot of Yonge Street (Yonge & College), specifically College Park area, which is looking quite festive right now. I love walking outside on snowy nights as everywhere looks so fresh, pure and beautiful.

I even walked over to City Hall, if you remember how it looks like. In the summer, you see flowers, fountains and water in the pond. In the winter, it becomes a big public skating rink.
Well, his one shows you how Torontonians enjoy free outdoor ice skating even on a snowy night like this. Hey, I was out there on the skating rink very frequently with my friends back in my university days. Too bad, I was at the skating rink tonight with my camera instead of my skates.

Thanks Irene for your warm greetings and letting us have a taste of the whitest TO Christmas since 1971.

Christmas Greetings

At this time of the year, let us remember the birth of Christ who brought us peace, love and hope.

Wishing you all a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Christmas and New Year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Angela's Hong Kong Stop-over

Angela Mui Lai Yee accompanied by sister Wendy had a Hong Kong stop-over in October after a trip to Yunnan with her university alums. She took this opportunity to treat us to a sumptuous dinner on 24/10 at the Chui Chow restaurant in the Jardine House (or Connaught Centre for those who have been away from Hong Kong for some time).

Unbeknown to us at the time, the dinner was also a birthday celebration for Angela. It was a delightful evening with some who seldom turned up in previous gatherings attending as you can see from these photos.

Some of us took Angela and Wendy out in the following week to a river-food restaurant at Wesley Road to make up for the missing cake and song on Angela’s big day.

Photo coutesy Mok Kok Yum and Ha Man Kit