Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowy Christmas in TO

Hello! Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen!

For those who live in Toronto, or anywhere throughout Canada, Santa has already endorsed a very pretty white Christmas for us! Here's an all time Christmas favorite, wishing everyone, far and near, a very merry Christmas, a warm and joyous Holiday Season, plus a healthy, prosperous 2009!!!! Year of the Ox? Hey, all those lucky oxen among us, eh! Ha ha!

Cheers,Irene :-)

When I asked Irene Tsai to snap one or two pictures of the snow-clad TO to accompany her message above, she took the assignment very seriously and sent me the following:

I walked on the heavy padded snow-covered sidewalks and streets of downtown tonight with my camera. Mind you, it wasn't an easy job at all as the dense falling snow just wouldn't leave my camera alone.

This picture is a quick shot of Yonge Street (Yonge & College), specifically College Park area, which is looking quite festive right now. I love walking outside on snowy nights as everywhere looks so fresh, pure and beautiful.

I even walked over to City Hall, if you remember how it looks like. In the summer, you see flowers, fountains and water in the pond. In the winter, it becomes a big public skating rink.
Well, his one shows you how Torontonians enjoy free outdoor ice skating even on a snowy night like this. Hey, I was out there on the skating rink very frequently with my friends back in my university days. Too bad, I was at the skating rink tonight with my camera instead of my skates.

Thanks Irene for your warm greetings and letting us have a taste of the whitest TO Christmas since 1971.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys and girls,
Greetings from downunder.
This is one of the mildest Christmas in Melbourne for a few years. Christmas here is usually in the 30's and the mroning air is often mingled wtih the smoky scent from bushfire in the nearby ranges. Thank God for the rain in the last few weeks and there hasn't been any major bushfire reported.
Last week Fiona and Walter was in Australia for a golf-trip and we had dinner together with Mr.and Mr.K.W.Wong also joined us.
Don't forget to contact me if any of you are heading south for a change.
May God bless you all with good health, joy and peace in 2009 and the many exciting years ahead.

3:15 PM  

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