Friday, April 02, 2010

BHJS 1967 Bursary Fund

At the 40th anniversary reunion in August 2007 at the School, some of our classmates initiated a campaign to raise a bursary fund to help students to enrich their education at BHJS. Generous contributions from the Class of 1967 and friends have been made to this fund during and after the reunion. A total amount of HK$167,185 collected so far has been transferred to the School in March 2010.

This BHJS 1967 Bursary Fund will be used to help students to gain Other Learning Experiences (OLE) under the new secondary school curriculum. It may be used to subsidize needy students to participate in OLE activities or be used directly by the school to organize such activities.

The Fund is open for contribution and you may quote the BHJS 1967 Bursary Fund and make your donation directly to the School. We hope that, with new contributions, the Fund will run for many years to benefit many many students.

May Ho Visit to NY at Easter

Hello everyone: I will be visiting friends of BHJS in NY this weekend and thanks to Mui Lai Yee and Brenda Kan for hosting my visit. We will be having a dinner in China Town on Saturday nignt and we are expecting over 15 alumni from different classes to attend. As president of the BHJS Canada Alumni, no dobut, I will be recruiting those fish that escaped the alumni net in the past.

We will have a report with pictures on the gathering later.

Happy Easter.

May Ho