Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It wasn't just another frigging cold Monday morning in Toronto . . .

The air was cold and slightly on the damp side. Believe me, that damn arctic air is enough to chill your lungs. But, it wasn’t just another frigging cold Monday morning in Toronto. We were all arriving in a timely manner from different parts of the city and even out-of-town to make good use of the lovely Calgarian couple ‘s short layover in Toronto. Everybody somehow had a story to tell over the colourful, delicate Dim Sum dishes. One of the stories dated way back in our Form 1C classroom, around mid-Sep, 1962. We were only 11, 12 or 13 years old then!!! It was amazing and hilarious how everyone’s so blessed with both listening and speaking skills when it comes to reminiscing our fondest BHJS moments. We did not eat like hungry dogs or starving wolves. You know, 50+ years later, none of us really need to eat like a horse, the way we all had back in the ‘60s while growing up. The heartwarming "stories" we often share unprotectedly with each other become food for the soul. The lovely Calgarian couple (Fred and Pauline) certainly brought a sweet twist to the TO bunch. What a nice way to kickstart the 1st day of our week.

Irene Tsai from Toronto


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