Monday, January 29, 2018

Our Golden Graduation Reunion

Kudos to Weena Au Bik Wan for writing this article and Irene Tsai for the last one reporting on the reunion events to celebrate our 50th Graduation Anniversary.  Many of us are already looking forward to our reunion for the 55th! 

It had been my long anticipating wish to see my High School teachers and friends at our Golden Graduation Reunion at our Mother School BHJS in Hong Kong.  Lo & behold, it actualized two months ago in early December, 2017.
To kick off the reunion activities, we had a pre-reunion day trip on December 1, 2017 to Tap Mun.  The main attraction on this fisherman’s island was Tin Hau Temple which was built in 1737. 

We got to see the cute Balanced Rock along the coast too.  A fresh seafood meal at the Seafood Restaurant on the island was the highlight of the day.  We had so much fun in tasting these fresh boiled shrimps.  It took my whole life time to come and explore this beautiful and serene island. It was definitely worth it!  All of us, 12 happy wanderers, had a great time in renewing our friendship.  A big Thank You to Martin and Man Jic Leung for organizing this wonderful outing.
It was an emotional moment when our taxi stopped in front of our Mother School on Oxford Road in the afternoon of December 2.  Both sides of the street were lined up with full grown trees.  They were not there before.  We were greeted by girl guides upon entering the front gate. Alumni from other years were arriving in groups. 

I was in tears standing inside the ground floor open area where our canteen used to be.  I remembered singing Grace together before eating.  We were served hot delicious lunches.  Some of us became good friends with the lady chef helping us at that time, especially Tang Hing Lin.  I believed he befriended with her children along the way.  One of the Coronation organizing committee members gave us a guided tour of the school building, including the new Library in the new structure above the Assembly Hall and the old School Chapel on the top floor. 
The Coronation Ceremony was solemn and emotional.  The school choir and the girls dance team did excellent performances.  Their performances received numerous outstanding awards on behalf of our school at inter-school competitions. 
We were so glad to see Miss Chu, Miss Pang and Mr. Ho at the Coronation Ceremony and the Alumni Dinner.  They meant so much to all of us.
The Alumni Dinner in the evening was held at a nice restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.  I am sure it took a lot of time and efforts for all the different committee members to make this happen.  A big Thank You to all.
Fiona gave a nice recap of our school’s founding history and legacies under her late mother, our late School Principal Mrs. Helen Wong.  She is always in our hearts! We were glad to meet with the present Principal Ms.  Lily Wong too.
May Ho and Stephen Lau gave an updated report on the BHJS Alumni Association in Toronto, Canada. They have been actively doing Fund Raising to help the Senior Homes in the Chinese community in Toronto. They are living out our School Moto 非以役人,乃役於人。We are proud of them.

It had been a memorable occasion to see so many buddies from our class of 1967, coming from near and far to enjoy this long awaited dinner together.  
Irene said it all, “Our success story is about how we are still ONE in the Spirit 50 years later since we graduated from BHJS.”   Cheers to our friendship and hope that we don’t have to wait too long to have another Reunion, maybe in 5 years?

Weena Au Bik Wan reporting from Los Angeles, CA


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