Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guess who was coming to dinner?

Mui Lai Yee reporting from New York:

Hi Folks,

Mok Kwok Yum made a special bus trip from Atlantic City, New Jersey to New York
to meet Lam Yuen Yiu and me on Wednesday at 4PM. The N.Y. trio is missing one for Kan Yu Tung is away in China. We met MKY at the bus stop in Chinatown and we recognized one another immediately because of our recent pictures.

We strolled along the streets, passed the City Hall and came to the site of Ground Zero where MKY wanted to see. It is sad to see the site, where thousands of lives vanished and where the Twin Towers once proudly stood, is now a large empty hole.

We walked to The South Street Seaport by the East River and came across a museum that the 'Body Exhibit' from China is in display. It is nothing X rated but a very educational exhibition with real corpses for demonstrations.

We had dinner at a Seaport restaurant. Did we ever have a slight idea that we would eat at the same table in a foreign country forty years after BHJS? Our conversation centered about those school days, of course. We reminisced until the night was drawing on. Lam Yuen Yiu and I 'escorted' MKY back to the bus stop and bid him adieu.


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