Monday, August 06, 2007

Ms. Ng’s 75th Birthday Party (22-7-2007) Two thumbs up! A hard act to follow!

Ms. Ng did it again! Under the superb directions of the Chief Commander (Ms. Ng), the elite team (Rev. Maak, Deacon Leung, Rev. Mak and Ho Kit May), carried out Ms. Ng’s ultimate birthday plans and wishes in the most pleasant, organized and smoothest manner. It was such a great birthday party one can’t ask for more.

Has it really been that long since we were first taught by Ms. Ng? She was one of our best and unforgettable Math and History teachers at Jubilee. But, how is it possible that 45 noisy and quiet years later, Ms. Ng still looks very much the same. Her pretty face, slim figure and her crystal clear girlish voice have not left her a bit. She talks and walks the same way, except some of us are starting to look older than her now and physically of no match to her. She’s one of the very few who are participating in all of our upcoming 40th Hong Kong Reunion, which will include the School Chapel Ceremony, the Dinner & Dance at our school assembly hall, the Yangtze River Cruise, the Hong Kong Island Tour, the Macau Tour and the holistic Vietnam Tour. She’s just dynamite, second to none! One can’t stop wondering what secrets she has to her youthfulness and wisdom. She is also a Chinese Mother Teresa who brings the Gospel of God, joy, hope and love to the poor who are struggling, suffering or dying in different parts of China. At 75, no job is too big and no job is too small. Everything’s possible or feasible. She’s not afraid of hardships or self-sacrifice. She devotes her time, energy and wealth whole-heartedly to both our Hong Kong Alumni and Canada Alumni. Ms. Ng sings and dances like a pro, and when she talks, she’s vibrant, full of life and great humours. She continues to open our eyes, teaching us all sorts of new things and tricks in life. Needless to say, she is a walking encyclopaedia wherever her little, pretty feet take her.

Ms. Ng, thank you for inviting us to such a memorable birthday feast of celebrations and thanksgiving to the Lord. You’ve put us to shame with the meaningful life you lead and your admirable contributions to mankind. You are a real special delight to be around. You’re our mentor, our friend, our true role model and inspiration. We all had a ball at your birthday party and our token of appreciation and love for you is immense. We are all looking forward to your 100th birthday celebrations many, many more prosperous years to come. See you in Hong Kong very soon!

Irene Tsai Yan Ying, reporting from Toronto


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