Sunday, November 25, 2007

BHJS History Quiz

In the coach of our Macau tour on 17 August during the Grand Reunion, we were quizzed about the following ten items of the BHJS history. Do you know the answers? If you want to have a go at them, please reply as a comment to this post.

1. What is the name of the school that we held classes until the school was built in Oxford Road?
2. What year did we have the first class of Form 5 graduates?
3. In 1962, how many Form 1 and CM1 classes did we have?
4. Who was the vice principal in 1967?
5. How much was the monthly tuition fee in 1967?
6. In 1962, who taught Biblical Knowledge?
7. Who designed the girl’s uniform?
8. What nationality was our founding principal?
9. What are the colors of the 4 Houses on Sports Day?
10. What was the significant event during our school cert exams in May 1967?
The photo is by courtesy of Mok Kok Yum


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