Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunch with Pauline and Fred Cheng in Toronto

January 12, 2008 – Mini Reunion in Toronto, Canada - Pauline Wong Wai Lai wrote this from Calgary, Alberta:

It was at the spur of a moment that Fred and I booked our tickets to fly to Toronto. Although our primary goal was to visit an ailing friend, we had been equally looking forward to revisit our BHJS classmates from 1967.

With May’s appealing abilities, we were able to join her, Cheung Kwok Ying, Stephen Lau, Fidelia (Stephen’s wife), Chui Tak Shing and Lau Yuk Hing for a delicious lunch. We were once welcome with warm reception. It was nice to see everyone again especially just shortly after our encounter in last August. It was also nice to see Chui Tak Shing for the first time since we were in the same class in 1966. Lucky him, his look hasn’t changed much.

Fred and I had a wonderful visit with the group. We chatted and joked just like old friends although I was never in the same class with most of them. After all we once shared our youthful past together, and it was a great joy to be able to sit together to have great conversation after more than four decades. The reunion we had in last summer has definitely brought us even closer together. I hope we will be able to see one another more in future.

Pauline Cheng


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