Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Phantom Oiman

A hearty welcome and thank you for joining us at our Thursday night dinner in Flushing after your utmost long sabbatical leave from us. Even though it was our first meet or your first re-appearance after over 4 decades, unlike others, I did not feel myself, ourselves or your presence at the restaurant as strangers sharing the same table (like what they do at some Chinatown restaurants - 撘檯). Not at all. In fact, I felt joy, warmth and togetherness as we went down the memory lane collectively over the icewine and the sumptuous Chinese dishes.

We must not forget to thank Mui Por for her efforts, planning and organising such a perky social event for all. Let me also take this opportunity to thank Ha Man Kit for teaching me the real and/or the hidden meanings of the word "柳" and liasing one of the original "柳's" to the 花旗 bunch. The inquisitive moir, being only an hour away from NYC, that was enough excuse for me to pop into the Big Apple for some good fun with all of my friends from our yester years. Here are the photo proofs that we were not strangers in the night or strangers at the big round table at all. Enjoy them!
Good night all.
Irene Tsai

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guilin and Huangshan Tours

Once again, we are grateful to our high school chums for their royal treatment to Fred and me while we were in Hong Kong. We were spoiled with all kinds of good food and other stuff. We are also indebted to the group who accompanied us to Guilin and Huangshan.
Once we landed in Guilin, we were instantly fascinated by the unique mountainous view surrounding the city. We felt we were one of the characters in those scenic Chinese paintings or Kungfu movies. Personally I felt a sense of closeness in Guilin as it was one of the areas to where my late mom and my elder sister fled during the war.

Despite the miserably wet and chilly weather, we were able to enjoy sightseeing, eating and chatting in one another’s good company. The day trip to cruise on the famous Li River was our highlight. In a more serene environment, we were able to admire Guilin’s best sceneries and spectacular features in a relaxing way.

Huangshan offers another marvelous view different from Guilin’s. The mountains are awe-inspiring and breathtaking beyond description.
Apart from the missing mist to compose the perfect picture of Huangshan, we were blessed with the one-in-four chances to have a sunny and reasonably warm day. The favorable weather condition permitted Ha Kit and Fred to produce their masterpieces of sunrise

at Huangshan. The four to five hours’ walk in one day could be exhausting, but we were able to subside that negative feeling while were surrounded by the magnificent nature and in each other’s company. Going through all those tough regimes, we are able to brag that we are still reasonably young and physically fit.

We concluded our Huangshan tour by walking through the Old Street. We decided to re-civilize ourselves by each purchasing a set of writing brushes from a recommended store. I have to say that visiting China this second time has definitely changed my impression of our mother country and gave me desire to go back for more visits in future.

We are now looking forward to another reunion along the West Coast of US in the coming June. We are hoping to reunite with a bunch of BHJS alumni at LA. If any of you are interested, you are more than welcome to join us for the trip.

Pauline Cheng from Calgary
Photo courtesy Ha Man Kit

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Classic Guilin

Before visiting Huangshan, Pauline and Fred were acompanied by some of the Hong Kong alumni to tour Guilin.

Here are the very nice photos Hakit is sharing with us. To see the whole album, please click here.

Have you seen Guilin in black and white? Hakit chooses to show us this most impressive scenery of China in shades of black and white. To many, colour is superfluous for Guilin.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Enchanting Beauty of Huangshan

When Pauline and Fred were looking for suggestions of two most scenic attractions in China they might visit during their trip to Hong Kong, some of us determined that these should be Guilin and Huangshan. Hence two trips were arranged. Mankit sent us the photos he took during the Huangshan trip so that we can also share with the touring group the enchantingbeauty of this mountain range from sun-rise to moon-rise. Please click here to enjoy these very good photos.
We look forward to seeing their photos of the Guilin trip soon.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Regaining a Sense of History

Our alum Yau Lop Poon has written an excellent editorial about Hong Kong regaining its sense of history in Yazhou Zhoukan. Please click here to enjoy.

Monday, March 09, 2009


We have received the following message from Edward Liong, Hon. Secretary of the BHJS Alumni Association:


We deeply regret the passing away of 冼大鵬老師 who had inspired so many of us about life and send our sincere condolences to his family.

Please click here to read a document produced in memoriam of Mr. Sen by his colleagues, friends and students.