Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jubilian Newsletter Issue 13

Have you read the latest issue of the Jubilian Newsletter? If not, please click here to access it. It will keep you informed of the latest news intended for all BHJS alumni.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October Visitors

We welcomed our October visitors from North America with a dinner at 翠亨村 at the Mirama in Tsim Sha Tsui on the 2oth. Wendy and Janning from LA, Stephen and Fidelia from Toronto, and Tina from Kansas City have been to different places in China using Hong Kong as a base. We are delighted to have them share the fun of their travelling and life overseas with us. Joining the dinner were friends from classes A, B and C. Can you recognize all of them?
Thanks to Lee Chee Keung (Sui Keung) for organizing the dinner and sending in the photograph.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjinjie

Thanks to Pauline Cheng for sharing with us her trip to two of the most beautiful places on earth:

Barely three months after our West Coast tour in US in June with a dozen of BHJS friends, Fred and I have just returned from another expedition to Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjinjie. This time we were invited to join the tour organized by one of my UA friends.
All I could say is “Wow!” to all I saw and experienced, and I was tempted to say that we did not have to go far to see the great wonders of the world. The Five Colored Pool, the Tianzi Mountain, and Huanglong Cave are just some of the many magnificent and unique features we sight saw along the way. Be it be mountain, waterfall, stream, forest and flower, everywhere we went just echoes God’s praises and tells of His power.
I took another opportunity to challenge my aged body. I made to the Tianmen Cave at Zhangjinjie, by climbing up and going down 999 steps each way. Our group (18 people) was all amazed at the three crazy people who made this endeavor. Going by Fred’s motto, we just have to do what we physically can at any given moment. At our delicate ages, who knows what we will be up to the next time.
We are now anticipating our next big trips - to New Zealand next March and Peru in June, hopefully with the bunch of our BHJS travel buddies again.
Pauline Cheng, Calgary

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. Dennis Lin Ying-Shui

We are sorry to hear the following sad news from Mr. Wong Hin-Shing:

"One of our former colleagues at BHJS, Mr. Dennis Lin Ying-Shui, passed away about 4 years ago.

When we were both teaching at BHJS, he and I were very close. We shared our teaching experiences together, and we were both avid lovers of classical music and movies. Before I left Hong Kong, I even shared a room with him at Caratus near BHJS. (By that time, my parents had already left for Canada and I had to move out of our apartment building then.)

Some of you may remember him...

I will always miss him."

Monday, October 05, 2009

More Cruise Report

This time from Tony Pow in Boston:
Hi folks,

It is a great treat for me to see my old, good-looking, and cheerful classmates in 40 years when their cruise ship docked in Boston. We are all older but hopefully wiser. I did have a great time and here are some new photos on old faces. Try to see whether you can match the faces with their backs (see pictures). Have a great day!

Tony AKA Tony Wai-Man

Early October Arrival

Guess who?

Click here to find out.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Cruise Interim Report

Irene Tsai sent us the following on 1 Oct from the cruise trip off the New England coast: I am currently at sea, having loads of fun with your other seasoned veteran classmates. We docked every morning and off we got onshore to a new port to explore. We cracked crazy jokes and dined together as if we have no tomorrows, really sumptuous food and sinful desserts coming out from our ears with live music each evening at A1 restaurants and bistros, going to shows, concerts and dances,oh,casinos also right before bed time :-)
Everybody was crawling or stumbling into the cabin beyond 2 a.m. to put their head down on their pillow to grab the much needed few sleep hours before the show on the road again on the next day!! Haha!!!! Perhaps, we should celebrate our 45th Reunion in the fun Cruise Ship format? It is such a no brainer for all. That way, nobody will be stuck with the tedious planning or preparation work. It was 50 years ago when we first met up in Form 1. Good grief!!!!
Got to go back to the ship now. Folks, have a great group dinner in HKG!
Irene Tsai

P.S. Tony Pow Wai Man will come to meet us up when we dock in Boston.

October 1 Gathering

We are happy to receive many visiting class 1967 alumni from overseas this Sep/Oct. To share time with the Sep arrivals, Mok Kwok Yum organized a reunion dinner on 1 Oct at 富聲 Restaurant in Wanchai , close to where the National Day firework was displayed. Having fun with the locals at this dinner were Chui Tak Shing & Lau Yuk Hing from Toronto and Hally Wong, Irene Li and Victor & Lisa Chan from Sydney. We also welcomed Yeung Po Shan and Tsui Ka Tsuen who we have missed for a long long time. It was really a cosy and enjoyable dinner (we squeezed all 20 of us around one table) with delicious food and good company.

We look forward to meeting the Oct arrivals soon!
Photo courtesy Victor Chan Kin Wai