Monday, August 21, 2006


上星期有两批同學在加拿大聚首, 黃慧莉由卡加利悉先報導她們的聚會, 以下是她的電郵:
Those of us from Calgary took a one-day trip to meet the rest in Edmonton. Fiona was very kind to drive all of us (Joshua Wu and his wife Christiana, Fred and I) to meet Janette Tsang Kit Ying, Catherine Lam Chi Ying and her husband Milton there. Chow Choi Lin sent her regrets that she and her husband, Sun could not join us. However, we were able to include Wendy Yung Chi Hung (66 grad) and her husband Norman for lunch.

Catherine and Milton couldn’t join us till supper. They broke the rule by generously treating all of us to a delicious dinner. It didn’t take us long before we all chatted with one another like old friends. We had a wonderful time although we all wish we could have more time. The names for the people in the picture:

Picture 2: back (l to r) Fred, Christiana, Joshua, Milton, Pauline
Front (l to r) Fiona, Catherine, Janette
Picture 1: (l to r) Fiona, Christiana, Joshua, Norman, Wendy, Janette, Pauline, Fred

另外在多倫多則有十ニ位同學一起飲茶, 我簡記了一則: 一群老同學在八月十九日星期六中午飲茶, 歡迎鄺海疇伉儷到訪多倫多, 在眾人中有一位同學我是不認得的, 自中五畢業後已有三十九年未見過李麗珠了, 倘若在街上擦身而過是不會相認的, 以前在學校我們只是在F5A同過班, 而我居然連這也不記得, 過去的事真是選擇性地記得了. 是日出席的同學計有蔡恩瑩, 張國英, 劉玉卿, 崔德成, 劉紀榛, 黃惠瑜, 李麗珠, 葛港萍, 鄺海疇夫婦及我(何潔美), 徐新民在我早退時仍未出現, 不知他有否出席. 我們這群老同學談笑風生, 互相取笑, 想當年, 其中幾位更是由小學已是相識的了, 更是難得. 相片暫時欠奉, 因仍要等蔡小姐電寄過來.


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