Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kwong Hoi Chau Revisits Toronto

This is a report from Irene Tsai Yan Ying (F5A, 1967).

Breaking News!
Kwong Hoi Chau revisits Toronto
LAU BOK needs Viagara!

Date: Sat, Aug 19/06
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Place: Ruby Restaurant, Toronto
Present: Kwong Hoi Chau and Jackie, Lee Lai Chu, Kot Kong Ping & Phyllis Wong, Lau Yuk Hing, Chui Tak Shing, Irene Tsai Yan Ying, Ho Kit May, Cheung Kwok Ying, Stephen Lau (Lau Bok)
Regrets: Tsui Sun Man, Sexologist (all sexed out!)
Chow Kum Fong(last min family emergency)

As promised, I ran into the restaurant a few minutes earlier to grab a big table for all (table for 14, in case additional bodies may just show up). I can't believe how quickly we filled up that table, literally within minutes! We joked around, yaked and yaked, laughed and laughed with and at each other for a good chunk of time, there was no chance for me to snooze away on my chair at all despite the fact that I actually had no sleep the night before from another yesterday once more. Everybody was looking smilie good @ the table.

So, you're wondering what we talked about eh? Well, let me tell you..quite an array of things', such as life @ Jubilee in the 1960's, different lifestyles in Hong Kong, retirement home in Hong Kong/China/S.E.Asia/Timbuktu, the CHIU CHAU coolies way back in our growin up years, that nice Phys. Ed. CHIU CHAU LO teacher, the late HUNG SIR, AH LANG GOO and all those God damned WWI and WWII signed treaties we were expected to know, the late SEE TAU POH, the late DAI POW LAY, the laid back FAY LO AU MAN CHUNG, that smoky memories of Form 1C YAU LOP POON, those daily assemblies, that janitor who bailed LAU BOK out because of Lau's cigarettes, etc., etc.

The list just went on and on, with the sky being the limit, anything and everything, including Lau Bok's colourful right wrist stacked up with his sentimental bracelets. He was also wearing an eye-catching leather purse to match the rest of his outfit!! This senior citizen must have thought he was asked to model on the fashion runway @ Ruby or something! F.Y.I., this is also the man who takes 7 showers/baths a day in Thailand ! Hey, watch out! Comes next Aug, he may be taking 27 showers a day in the Yangtze River/Vietnam. He's really obsessed with cleanliness and holy thou art and that's when Fay Lo Au Man Chung's name and his shower/bath habit jumped into our conversation . Pretty hilarious stuff!

The whole time we were all teeth, noisy, immature like hell and spraying saliva if not spitting out phoenix claws remains all over the place. Mind you, everybody had the right to remain silent throughout, you know. But, everyone had chosen to let their hair down for a change. In slightly over two Dim Sum hours, we virtually encapsulated entire world views. Having a good time is just an understatement. Hey, what do you expect? It was a mini preliminary reunion, a prelude or foreplay to our 2007 blast. I had to intercept everyone to take pictures to share our fun moment with the nosy/concerned lot who could not be with the Toronto crew. Altogether we took 4 shots. Using my camera, LAU BOK took one group photo, followed by the DIM SUM MUI and then Kwong Hoi Chau snapped one with his fancy black camera. By the way, he took off right away the next morning, holding onto his black baby, of course. He's gone romancing Cuba to mango tango with his lovely better half. I swear she looks like a no bull shit aerobic instructor, looking the fittest among us all. I am green with envy that KHC got a personal trainer 24 hrs/day. This lucky ducky may show you guys the other group shot upon his return to Canada/Hong Kong. The one taken by the on-site DIM SUM MUI fortunately turned out OK (See above) .

After we picked on LAU BOK'S loud bracelets, I couldn't resist but to take a photo of his decorated wrist for your eyes. The last time I saw something similar was @ the Toronto Gay Parade as shown on the 6 O'clock News. No kidding! But, help! Lau Bok ZHOU CHUN CHUN (shaky arms and hands), the 1st group picture taken by him had to be scrapped entirely. Why? We all looked like vampires, as if we were going through the last worst earthquake in Turkey . LAU BOK, perhaps your other body parts may still be in tip top A1 shape, but regarding your lovely, fancy arms/hands/fingers¡K¡K¡K hey buddy, you definitely should seek Viagra ASAP from our Chicago drug mart doctor, the mighty pharmaceutical-based DAI FU. Did your sexy, sentimental bracelets hinder your performance in proper picture taking??? Start taking your Viagara, and stop being ZHOU CHUN CHUN @ our next alumni meet! Can we make you promise us? Hahaha! Hehehe! We had a lot of fun picking on LAU BOK's LAU LAU LING LING (fuzziness)!!!! As we walked away from the table following his wiggly ass, we all laughed and said collectively that LAU BOK is the kind of guy who will always look macho no matter how many purses, necklaces and bracelets he wears.

Reporting from Toronto by Irene TSAI Yan Ying


Blogger Kwong Hoi Chau Martin 鄺海疇 said...

Jackie and I are grateful to all who came to and hosted the wonderful lunch at the Ruby for us. Special thanks to Irene for booking the restaurant and writing this lively post. We look forward to seeing Stephen again on 24/9 in Hong Kong.

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