Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Mini-Reunions

Since our Grand Reunion in August, we have had a number of mini-reunions. Chui Tak Shing and Lau Yuk Hing went to New York to meet up with May Ho and our Big Apple Trio on their return from the Grand Reunion in Hong Kong and had a great party there. Cheung Kwok Ying came to Hong Kong in September and we had a nice gathering at the 湘川滬酒樓 in Mong Kok with Tina Yeung '68, Au Yan '68 and Wong Sai Lun '69 joining us (see photo above). Kwong Hoi Chau met up with some of our Toronto mates in October during his visit there to attend his nephew's wedding. Pow Wai Man and and wife Poi were in Hong Kong in early November after their trip to Thailand (see photo at right). Stephen and Fidelia Lau were back to Hong Kong in mid-November after their visits to Cambodia and Japan. It is nice to have so many happy mini-reunions!

The photos are by courtesy of S L Wong and Cheng Yat Hei.


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