Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malcolm Au and family in Toronto

The Toronto gang entertained Malcolm Au and his family on Saturday, January 24. We started with an early lunch of dim sum at the Dragon Dynasty Restaurant in Scarborough. The table for 14 was fully packed with Malcolm, his lovely wife Vicki, his elderly mom Auntie Au, Mr. Wong Hin Shing, Stephen and Fidelia Lau, Cheung Kwok Ying, Irene Tsai, Chui Tak Shing and Lau Yuk Hing, May Ho and her daughter Christie, and 1966 classmates Vincent Ching Man Sun and his wife Agnes Lee Tak Yung. Malcolm preordered half a roasted suckling pig which was delicious and crispy. We spent 3 hours at the restaurant eating, laughing and reminiscing. After lunch, some of us went to Sun Tsui's home for Karaoke and dinner. Malcolm sent his mom home and then picked up his daughter Juliana and her fiance Jason from the airport in the afternoon and without missing a beat came to Sun's home to join the party. Well, the rest of the story will be told by Malcolm:

Hi Everybody,

My family and I had a wonderful day yesterday.

I was so happy to see Wong sir at the lunch. He looked real good and all those trips to the toilet must have created an opportunity for a good refill. Wong sir, thank you so much for coming, next time we want to hear you sing.

Christie is getting prettier every time I see her. Delighted to hear that she will be getting married in 2010. The story she told about the marriage proposal in Tuscany with May being there was fascinating. These days young people are a lot more creative than us old folks. I don't even remember whether I proposed to Vicki. My recollection was that we both feel that it was about time and we just went ahead to get married.

It was great to see Vincent Ching Man Sun and his wife. The last time I saw them was probably 45 years ago. May, thanks, you sure know how to find the missing souls.

Irene was bubbly as ever and she spend all her time entertaining my Mom. My mom told me that she was really at ease with the younger people. I think we should always invite some folks older than us to join so that we can be young for a while, at least over lunch. Too bad that Irene cannot stay for the reception at the Sun's residence but all of us can understand. Irene, Happy birthday to your mom, please bring her to our gathering next time.

Stephen's Leather tux was very eye catching. I was wondering how come he has the good taste to pick the color and style until Fidelia explained that the blazer was picked by her. It proves that what all men need to do is to have good taste once in his life, just pick a good wife. Stephen lucked out. He he.

Cheung Kwok Ying and Ah Mah was singing and dancing for us in Sun's Multi-media basement until Stephen and I started to sing. As the karaoke was finally getting into the groove, Sun announced dinner. We have to do better next time. Need to get more singers.

Chui Tak Sing looks happy and out of the four times I saw him since we held these gatherings he is the most active this time. Great to see that he looked so happy. Ah MAh must have done something right.

Well, the big applause went to Josephine and Sun. They are wonderful hosts. (we want to be invited back) Josephine was laboring away at the kitchen all afternoon and Sun was laboring in front of the coffee machine making a variety of specialty coffees. Watch out Starbucks. The dinner was so sumptuous, the Au's favorite dishes was a tie between the fried shrimp stick and the veggie "Jai" 素食. Josephine and Sun, a big big big thanks. You are truly great hosts.

The big surprise was definitely calls from So Wai Yip in LA and Mui Por from the Big Apple. It was great to have heard from them and to wish them happy CNY.

Let me represent my Mom, Vicki, Juliana and Jason to express our gratitude for the great day and we hope we can do it again in the not too distant future.

Cheers and Happy CNY.



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