Saturday, February 14, 2009

Persia then Iran now a Great Civilization always

Malcolm Au continues his globe trotting this time to Iran, a dreamland for many of us. He sends us this report:

Vicki and I spend 10 days in Iran. We traveled to Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Esfahan, Abiyanet, Qom and Tehren. I have taken 3,000 pictures and have kept 800. I want to share some of my pictures with you and our schoolmates.

I was a little apprehensive and Vicki was a great deal apprehensive before we went. A lot of friends offer their condolences when they heard that we are going to Iran. It turns out that Iran is a beautiful country and it is not a bit like the portrait painted by the western media. I don't know about the Iranian government but the people were first rate. I don't think there is any pretense as their friendly reaction were very spontaneous. The people are extremely friendly. Normally when my subjects found out that I was taking pictures of them they will either show their disapproval/annoyance or they will come over to ask for money. Almost without fail, the Iranian people will smile back, some shook my hand and one pretty lady even came over to offer me her address so that I can send her the picture. (fortunately Vicki was there).

The places we went to, even small cities, are clean and we do not feel in any way being in danger, intimidated or being uncomfortable. Even Vicki, our Christian spiritual leader, feel comfortable about them.

I think Iran will become a very powerful nation once they have found a path of their choice to open up. They have vast mineral resources, talented and educated people and, most of all, they have about 3,000,000 overseas Iranians that can link them to the rest of the world quickly.

Please click here to enjoy the very nice pictures Malcolm is generously sharing with us.


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