Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting Connected

A main reason for starting this Blog is to locate and reconnect our 1962-67 BHJS classmates and teachers ahead of our grand 40th anniversary reunion in 2007. As of today, we have successfully reconnected a group of about 60 with email contacts established and quite a few mini-reunions already taken place in Toronto, New York, Calgary, Sydney and Hong Kong.

To enable our classmates and teachers not yet connected to locate us, this Blog is now searchable by Google as a top page under BHJS 1967 and is linked to the BHJS Canada Alumni webpage thanks to Mr. H S Wong and the EXCO members in Canada. Suggestions as to how we can get more 1962-67 alumni reconnected are most welcome.

If you were in one of the 1962-67 classes and not yet in our email list, please leave us a contact as a comment to this post or email me so that you may be connected to the rest of the group.


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