Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Memories of Ng Kwok Keung

The sad news of Ng Kwok Keung's passing touched our hearts and a few classmates had written their memories about him:

Au Bik Wan: I am saddened and shocked to hear about Ng Kwok Keung's passing. He was a kind, quiet and friendly classmate. His smiley and boyish face will always be remembered. In the summer of 1995, I saw him and his family at the Statute of Liberty in New York. We both stopped, looking at each other for a minute before yelling out our names. It was such a happy moment, seeing for the first time after 1967. We found out that we were taking the same bus trip from Toronto to New York coincidently.
After our return to Toronto, we gathered with Cheung Kwok Ying and went Yum Cha. We went to visit him at his house in Scarborough too. Remember this, Cheung Kwok Ying? He loved music. His living room was filled with CD racks wall to wall. His wife is very nice and their baby daughter was about one year old then. We exchanged X'mas cards for 2 years and lost touch ever since. I realized that his family had moved back to HK.

Tang Hing Lin: I am sorry that we do not have the chance to get in touch with NKK on the NET. During the BHJS days NKK and WONG Ming Chun somtimes came to my tiny flat to play Bridge cards with my younger brother. Peace be with NKK.

Irene Tsai: For somebody who can’t shut up most of the time, I am virtually speehless @ the very shocking sad news of our good old classmate Ng Kwok Keung. He was always a very quiet gentleman who would never tell anybody off let alone picking a fight with anyone in class. I remember how tiny he was in Form 1C, and when he grew taller, he changed his glasses to some heavy, dark frame with thicker lenses naturally. Those new glasses took up more than half of his face, luckily they did not quite cover up his unintimidating, smilie lips. No boys in class could imitate or replace his disposition. To me, he was the male Mui Lai Yee back in our yester years, you know what I mean. ......

Au Man Chung: Ng Kwok Keung was not the athletic type but he like playing soccer. He has a very disarming smile especially after winning a Chinese chess game. Unfortunately, I have witnessed too many of those smiles first hand after playing him.
He was my bridge partner at many games. The one incident that I can still remember vividly was that we were happily playing bridge at Lee Wing Shek's home next to BHJS the night before the Form 5 government math exam thinking that the exam will be canceled the next day due to the bombs. We played until 11pm until Shek's mother came out and told us that the exam will be held on schedule. We had to scramble to go home by walking as all the buses had stopped running.
Life is too short and I wish we could have done more of those memorable and crazy things together.

Kwong Hoi Chau: Kwok Keung was a keen football and bridge player in our school days. As a classmate, he is always friendly, modest, discreet and positive. We'll dearly miss him in our forth-coming reunion. May he rest in peace.

Time is precious, life is short, let's do everything we can to come to the reunion this year and share, one more time, our good old days and memories of BHJS.

God bless,
Ho Kit May


Blogger Kwong Hoi Chau Martin 鄺海疇 said...

I can't agree more with what May says in the last paragraph of this post. We always assume that we can do some of the things later. Yes, we can have another reunion in another year, but we may not be able to meet with the ones we most like to meet by then.

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