Saturday, July 01, 2006

July First

July 1 is a special day.

We in Hong Kong celebrate the 1997 handover. The borrowed place was returned to its rightful country ending the borrowed time with the beginning of a new phase. Today, we commemorate it with a parade, a demonstration or a day out with the family.

In China, the date marks the 85th official birthday of the Communist Party. From its clandestine beginning at what is now known as the Xintiandi in Shanghai, it has emerged as one of the most powerful political parties in the world. Will it ever allow another party to rise strongly in China? We will wait and see.

People in Canada celebrate the Canada Day. Home to many of our teachers and classmates, Canada is a multi-cultural and peace-loving country of the aborigines and immigrants. All Canadians can be proud of their nation as it epitomizes the ideal of mutual acceptance.

It is also Ho Kit May’s birthday. May is the chairperson of our Canadian Alumni Association. She initiated the reconnection of all 1962 – 67 teachers and classmates and spearheads our 40th anniversary reunion in August 2007. She always reminds us to treasure a 40-year-old friendship and to live fully everyday of our life. We wish her a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Blogger Kwong Hoi Chau Martin 鄺海疇 said...

The link for 'live fully' about 'A Thousand Marbles' was forwarded to me earlier by May. When she counts her Saturday marbles, I am sure she will single out the one that represents this Saturday with joy.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Ho Kit May 何潔美 said...

Dear Martin:
I received quite a few birthday greetings today from family and friends, via cards, phone calls, emails and e-cards. It made me feel really good that so many friends and family care and love me. Indeed, I will be poor if not for having so many good friends and loving family. Today is a special day to millions of Chinese and Canadian as well, I felt extra privileged to be able to celebrate yet another birthday. Let's have a toast to sunny days, good health, happy families and great friends. Thank you for your well wishes.

12:00 AM  

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